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Early childhood advocates consider the community approach (CA) the most logical, effective way to provide universal four-year-old kindergarten (4K). 4KCA relies on a comprehensive public-private partnership effort, sometimes called a “school-community interface.”

Working together, a broad range of local early childhood players – as many as possible – forge a common approach to a common goal: the emotional, educational, societal, and physical well-being of children. Education and care are seen as two sides of the same coin. Through collaboration, 4KCA achieves more than the individual agencies acting independently.

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Lessons Learned from 4K Community Approaches

54 Reasons to Implement the 4K Community Approach

Stories that Highlight the Unique Benefits of the 4K Community Approach

 Storyteller, Bob Kann, shares storytelling techniques, and how they can be used to tell your 4KCA Story


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This article from the Wisconsin Association of School Boards Association News is an update on the four-year-old kindergarten program in La Crosse and how it spread to other Wisconsin communities.
Reprinted with permission of Wisconsin School News, the official publication of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, Inc.


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